Our Approach &
the Way We Work.

At Mt. Shasta Counseling & Neurofeedback we have a core philosophy: We believe and trust in each person's ability to heal and grow. At the core of every human being there is a light, an absolute joy - just look into a baby's eyes. As time goes by, the light and joy can become obscured, hidden by pain experienced in life.

Working in partnership with you to identify and sort out any thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back from living the life that you want, we will support you to develop a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself. Together we can free self-hatred, fear & stress, bringing you back to your core essence of light and joy.

Holding a compassionate space of warmth & safety, you will be met with respect and understanding. Together we will chart the best course with you, whether it's neurofeedback, mental health therapy or a combination of the two. 

Our role is to assist you on your journey to feeling better and becoming your best self, your True Self.